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Print It Right: A Look at Different Types of T-Shirt Printing

Have you noticed the T-shirt pairs printed with such sentences showcasing the sense of affection or camaraderie between couples or friends?

We live among or are a generation who finds it interesting to showcase thoughts and attitudes through printed T-Shirts.

Some find it a prestige to carry custom printed T-Shirts designed for their reputed alma mater.  

The trend of these shirts have gone beyond being casual to being used as formal wears. Reputed companies tend to introduce company logo printed T-Shirts as uniform for their employees. This is indeed a marketing strategy of companies.

So, it is clear that the relevance of T-shirt printing industry ranges to cater casual to formal requirements.

It is amusing to see that a novel method of marketing have been found through customised T shirt printing in Doha.

Now that the relevance of TShirt printing Qatar in contemporary times has established, let us ponder some qualities necessary to be considered before choose a printing tech to customise your T-Shirt requirements.

Features offered by best T Shirt printing in Doha:

Full scale printing: Some printing techniques offer printing on limited area only. So it’ll be better to go for a TShirt printing Qatar that offer a better area coverage if you wish to cover whole area of T Shirts.

Colour contrast: If you chose to have a dark colour for your customised T Shirt and the designs to stand out from it you must go for a T Shirt printing in Doha that guarantees colour contrast. Some companies use printing technologies that blend the ink with the fabric. In that case, you might not get the desired results.

Long lasting: Depending on the tech used, some T Shirt printing in Doha provides prints which lasts after multiple wash. If you intend to use your T-Shirts after a particular event please ensure to find TShirt printing Qatar that you opt use a technology which guarantees quality prints.

These are some features you have to consider before choosing a T Shirt printing press in Doha.

Now let us dive in to the crux of this blog.

Types of T-Shirt printing:

Screen Printing: 

This TShirt printing Qatar employs a mesh customised for a design to fill the ink through the crevices of the mesh. This mesh can be attached to a machine.

This type of T-Shirt printing offers a long lasting print with vibrant colours. While the area covered by screen printing is limited the time taken for printing is pretty short.

Mass uniform printing companies like Habari Uniforms employ such techniques among many others to deliver quality product on lightning speed.

Direct-To-Garment (DTG) Printing: 

While Screen printing can be used on most materials this printing allows to be printed on cotton materials only. Most T Shirt printing in Doha employs this technique to print multi coloured T-Shirts in a short span of time.

The downsides are the limitation in area and the long lasting aspect.

Direct-To-Film (DTF) Printing: 

If you prefer to have a long lasting and vibrant print on your T-Shirt go for TShirt printing Qatar who offers DTF technology which can print materials on a wide range of materials.

Unlike the aforementioned printing technologies DTF printing along with Dye sublimation printing employs the usage of heat press. The drawback of this technology is the plastic like palpability of the print.

Dye Sublimation Printing:

If your purpose is to print designs on light coloured T-Shirts and you prefer to have longevity for your T-shirt prints this is the most popular technology employed by T Shirt printing in Doha. A dye based ink is evaporated and condensed back to trap it in the T-shirts fabric.

While this TShirt printing Qatar have no limitation when it comes to area of application, it can only be used in polyester materials for better results.

There are also other printing options like Belt Printing and Plastisol Transfers at major T Shirt printing in Doha. 

Always choose the best printing company who provides TShirt printing Qatar using multiple technologies like Habari Uniforms, to get personalised printing based on your requirements.