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Choosing new uniforms requires careful consideration to fit the business and personnel. The company will also desire long-lasting uniforms. 

Safety, comfort, and durability should be considered when choosing uniform colours and logo placement. After that, consider aesthetics. Uniform company in Qatar have listed the most significant factors first.

Things to consider when choosing the right uniform


Safety is paramount, so choose a uniform style based on industry standards. Long sleeves and trousers may be required in some industries. Lab coats, aprons, and arm protection should be considered during uniform design. The uniform should offer maximum protection so workers may work safely. Avoid slack straps and other risks.


Comfort comes next. Comfort should be the next key priority after safety, especially when industry standards and criteria are involved. Employees who dislike their uniforms will be less productive and may quit. Comfortable, cool, and stretchy fabrics can produce a fantastic uniform. Choose non-scratchy, non-shrinking textiles. Employees also prefer outfits without complicated closures or several components to maintain. 


Quality uniforms have reinforced seams, sturdy zippers, and durable fabric. They won't shrink or lose shape with numerous washes. Logos, patches, and iron-on won't bunch, buckle, or fade. Premium uniforms stay longer and reflect the brand better from the outset. Clean, neat employees make a good impression.

Cleaning Needs

Employees will struggle to maintain excellent uniforms that are hard to clean or require dry cleaning. This damages the company's image. 

Double-check uniforms for these criteria:

Need no ironing.

Need no dry cleaning.

Washable with other garments.

Nearly any detergent will clean.

Will tolerate fabric softener and dryer sheets?

Since many textiles cannot be cleaned with bleach or bleach-containing detergent, the uniform is fine. To keep staff looking their best, uniforms should be easy to maintain and freshen from Uniform suppliers in Qatar.


The uniform's maker, fabric source, and sustainability are also factors. The uniforms' fabric may be made in cruel facilities using poisonous chemicals or other violations of Western corporate norms. When buying uniforms, it's crucial to check behind the scenes, especially if the company relationship will last. Select a company that uses sustainable products and ethical hiring. 


Finally, choose the business-representing uniform details. Some things to consider:

In businesses that require cleanliness or sterility, light colours are recommended. Compared to dark blue, brilliant white is simpler to trust as clean. Dark clothing helps warehouse-based companies cover stains. Businesses with employees who work on or around roadways should choose bright high-visibility materials and colours for safety.

Logo: Would a large patch on the back of the uniform with contact information, an address, an email, or a hashtag work? If a patch fails, what company information should the uniform convey? Is that information needed on the uniform, work truck, or building? 

Name tags are popular in uniforms. You might give employees name tags or uniforms with patches or name tags with their first or last names. Name tape or patches are better than pins on shirts if safety is a problem. 


Budget is always a factor, so you may need to forgo some of the features mentioned. This needs thought and prioritisation. Determine what matters most to your business is worth spending money on, and what can be cut.

Alsco keeps clean, ready-to-wear uniforms on hand for firms who need a consistent supply. If uniform care is an issue, we can pick up dirty uniforms to clean while dropping off a fresh supply at Uniform suppliers in Qatar. We'll guide you through every aspect of picking a good work outfit. 

Contact the Uniform company in Qatar to see how we can make-to-order and supply uniforms regularly so your employees may always represent the company well. Our process is smooth!